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Tiger Wildlife Elephant Jeep Safari
India boasts of its fair share of Tiger Reserves. Being the National Animal of India, the tiger is considered as a symbol of strength and speed. The country also has two-dozen tiger reserves. The most majestic species of the tiger is The Royal Bengal Tiger. Bandavgarh National Park is amongst the well-known tiger reserves where tourists can spot Royal Bengal Tigers, leopard, cheetals, gaur, sambhar and various other faunal species.
India is home to diverse wildlife supplemented by rich variety of flora and fauna. Wildlife in India can be seen in its several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. These include names like Kanha, Ranthambore, Corbett, Pench and Bandhavgarh. Some popular animals found here are The Royal Bengal Tiger, The Leopard, The Sloth Bear and The Gaur. Watching animals and birds in their natural habitats is a great experience.
The best way to explore the Indian wildlife is to board an open Jeep. Jeep Safari is the convenient way to spot wild animals in their home. This safari enables you to get the inside look of the forest and its topography. Several wildlife destinations to enjoy jeep safari in India include Corbett national park, Kanha national park, Ranthambore national park, Panna national park and Pench national park.

India Wildlife

Welcome to India, the land of mind-bending diversity where tourist attractions galore! Embark on an India wildlife tour and treat your senses to the wilderness of the exotic national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India. The wildlife safaris offer you a chance to witness the enchanting dramas of Indian wildlife in their natural habitat. Wildlife tourism in India attracts wildlife seekers from across the globe as adventure exhilarates manifold during Indian wildlife holidays.
India has many fascinating National Parks(around 70) and Wildlife Sanctuaries( around 400) to its credit. If tiger, the royal creature, pushes your adrenaline level into high gear, go for tiger tours India. These tours are a big hit with tourists. The rich heritage of wildlife that exists in India is simply mind blowing. Words are not enough to describe it. Experience It For Real !!

India Wildlife Tour Packages

Indian Wilderness Indian Widerness

Routing: 16 Nights - 17 Days
Destinations Covered: Delhi - Jaipur - Ranthambhore - Bharatpur - Agra

Golden Triangle with Ranthambore

Golden Triangle with Ranthambore

Routing: 08 Nights - 09 Days
Destinations Covered: Delhi - Jaipur - Agra - Ranthambore - Bharatpur...

South India Wildlife Tour South India Wildlife

Routing: 15 Nights - 16 Days
Destinations Covered: Bangalore - Mysore - BR Hills - Ooty - Munnar - Periyar - Kumarakom - Kovalam...

Tiger Trail Tour Tiger Trail

Routing: 09 Nights - 10 Days
Destinations Covered: Delhi - Jabalpur - Kanha - Bandhavgarh - Khajuraho...

Enchanting Temple & Wildlife Tour Enchanting Temple & Wildlife

Routing: 13 Nights - 14 Days
Destinations Covered: Delhi - Jaipur - Agra - Ranthambore - Bharatpur - Jhansi Khajuraho...

Rajasthan Wilderness Rajasthan Wilderness

Routing: 05 Nights - 06 Days
Destinations Covered: Delhi - Ranthambore - Jaipur - Agra...

Taj & Tiger Taj & Tiger

Routing: 06 Nights - 07 Days
Destinations Covered: Delhi - Corbett - Agra - Delhi...

Corbett Adventure Package Corbett Adventure Package

Routing: 03 Nights - 04 Days
Destinations Covered: Delhi - Corbett National Park - Delhi...

Corbett with Agra & Mussoorie Corbett with Agra & Mussoorie

Routing: 09 Nights - 10 Days
Destinations Covered: Delhi - Ramnagar - Dhikala - Corbett - Kathgodam - Dehradun - Mussoorie - Rishikesh - Haridwar - Delhi...

Wildlife Parks in India

wildlife Park

Reputed to be a praiseworthy reserve of India, the Ranthambhore National Park is the single dry deciduous tiger home worldwide. Located in the Sawai Madhopur district, the Ranthambhore National Park is spread over an area of 1,334 square kilometres. You can observe at this Tiger Reserve the Jungle King in wild! This park is open from October to June for the tourists.
Ranthambhore National Park is the true den of the tigers. Near the confluence of the lakes namely Padam Talab, Raj Bagh Talab and Milak Talab, tigers can be observed in plenty. Apart from the Bengal Tiger, .....

Sawai Madhopur District, Rajasthan

October to March

Sariska wildlife Park

Established in 1955, Sariska is a big hit with tourists not only from India but also from Abroad. It was declared a Tiger Reserve in 1978 and now falls under Project Tiger Scheme of India. Covering an area of 800 square kilometre, the topography of the national park consists of hills,valleys, dry deciduous forest, scrub-thorn arid-forest, grasses and rocks.
Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to several wildlife species such as leopard, jackal, wild boar, nilgai, sambar, hyena, langur, jungle cat, four-horned dear and chital. Several bird species are also observed in the park. Birds like Peafowl, Sand Grouse, Golden ...

Alwar District, Rajasthan

October to June

Sariska wildlife Park

Though tigers have been preserved by several tiger reserves in India, you can see them regularly and quite often only in the Kanha National Park. Covering an area of about 1,940 square kilometers, the Kanha National Park is situated in the Mandla District, Madhya Pradesh. River Surpan flows through the park with its edges dominated by steep rocks. Bamboo and Sal forests dot the terrain of the park.
Several species of deer like spotted deer, swamp deer, antelope and barking deer are observed here. Spotting wild animals here is not a matter of luck as the park is extremely rich in wildlife. Apart from spotting animals like leopard, ...

Mandla District, Madhya Pradesh

April to June and November to January

Bandhavgarh National Park

Spread over an area of 437 square kilometres, the Bandhavgarh National Park is circumferenced by the Vindhyan mountains ranges. The wetlands that dominate the plains of the park are ideal for the inhabiting Kingfishers and Egrets. Inside the holes in the sheer cliffs nestle the vultures.
Initially the park was spread within an area of 105 square kilometres. It had about 25 tigers at that time. But now the park covers an area of 437 square kilometres, approximately half of which is filled with Sal trees. It is the main tree cover that exists along with Bamboo in the entire park area. As one proceeds towards the higher areas ...

Umaria District, Madhya Pradesh

Mid-November to June

Panna wildlife Park

The Panna National Park in Madhya Pradesh is situated 57 kilometers away from Khajuraho. The place is known the world over not only for its Tiger Reserve and unique wildlife species but also for its diamonds. Tigers, antelopes and deer can be observed commonly in the park. The Panna National Park has an immense potential of being a major place of tourist interest.
The Panna National Park houses diverse fauna. Tigers can be observed roaming freely inside the park. Other animals that inhabit the park include leopard, wolf, wild dog caracal and hyena. The wooded areas of the park are dominated by sambar, chowsingha and chital. Chinkara and ...

Khajuraho (57 kilometers), Madhya Pradesh

January to May

Corbett wildlife Park

Corbett National Park in Uttaranchal is amongst the oldest wildlife reserves in India. Diverse fauna including Tigers, Elephants, Leopards and the beautiful location of the park attract several visitors towards it. Situated in the Himalayan foothills, Corbett National Park was established in the year 1936. This national park came under Project Tiger in the year 1973. The vegetation supported by the park makes it an ideal residence for tigers.
The landscape of the park is covered by a thick cover of sal and mixed deciduous forests. Orchids, bamboo and tropical Creepers dot the hills of the park.

Ramnagar, Uttaranchal

November 15 to June 15

Pench National Park

The mention of Pench National Park conjures up images of Mowgli and Bagheera, the main characters of Rudyard Kipling's famous tale The Jungle Book. It is located on the border of Madhya Pradesh and adjoins Maharashtra. The Pench river flowing through the park and the open hilly terrain dominated by Teak trees combine to form a beautiful landscape. Thanks to such a landscape that supports diverse flora and fauna in the park.
Dry and moist deciduous forest and climbers are observed in the forested area of the park. The park houses trees like Teak, Tendu, Mahua, Amaltas, ...

Seoni, Madhya Pradesh

November to June

Kaziranga National Park

The Kaziranga National Park in Assam is situated on the banks of River Brahmaputra. The park is spread over an area of 430 square kilometers. The landscape of the park is dominated by tall elephant grass and swamps. Therefore, it functions as an ideal home for the Indian One-Horned Rhino. Because of the limitless poaching of this animal the park was announced to be a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1940.
Apart from one horned rhino, other animals that reside inside the Kaziranga National park include Indian Elephants, Hog Deer, Indian Bison, Capped Langurs, Swamp Deer, Tigers, Leopard Cats, Sloth Bears,...

Bokakhat (23 kilometers), Assam

Mid-November to Early April

Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park lies halfway down the Mysore-Ooty highway. Bandipur is amongst the most famous wildlife reserves of India. Thanks to its moderate temperature and varied geographical features that help the park support a diverse variety of flora and fauna. The Bandipur National Park is no less than a wildlife paradise for the wildlife enthusiasts. The park was announced to be a Tiger Reserve in the year 1973. It also came under the Project Tiger in the very same year. It was notified as a national park in the year 1974.
Bushes and grassy patches are spread all over the landscape of this national park.

Ooty (80 kilometers), Karnataka

April to October

Nagarhole National Park

Come to Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka to spot tawny and black striped Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat. Spread over 643 kilometers of land, the Nagarhole National Park houses diverse flora and fauna. Situated aside river Kabini, the park is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (the largest stretch of protected forest in the country).
Also bordering the state of Kerala, the Nagarhole National Park was designated as a game sanctuary in 1955. In 1974, it was extended to its present size combining the Mysore forests within the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary. The deep valleys and the mesmerizing landscapes in the sanctuary make it a picture perfect destination in every manner.


October to May

Desert National Park

Diverse wildlife that exists amidst the Thar Desert can be observed in the Desert National Park. The Desert National Park is situated in the vast oceans of sand near Jaisalmer City. It is spread over a total area of approximately 3162 square kilometres and is one of the largest national parks in the country.
Approximately 20% of the total area of the park is covered by the sand dunes. The landscape of the park is dominated by rocky terrain and fixed sand dunes that make it a convenient residing option for the chinkara. Blackbucks are commonly found in the Desert National Park.

Jaisalmer Rajasthan

November to March

Ghana National Park

Spread over a total area of 232 square kilometres lies the Keoladeo Ghana National Park which was known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary earlier. The land where Keoladeo National Park stands today served as a hunting preserve for the Maharaja of Bharatpur once. The national park is now amongst the most favoured parks for the bird lovers.
A paradise for the bird lovers, the park houses above 370 species of birds, mammals and reptiles. Migratory birds fly here in august. They undertake a journey above the Himalayas and land at this pasty green paradise. Address of birds like Coot Snipes, Red Crested Porhard, ...

Bharatpur Rajasthan

August-November and October-February

Periyar National Park

The wonderful wilds of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary invite you to capture a glimpse of the wonders of nature. Experience serenity amidst the fresh air of the deciduous forest that fills the atmosphere of Periyar sanctuary. Here you can see playful otters and freshwater tortoise near emerald waters. The tourists come here to see the playful activities of the elephants. Besides elephants, other animals seen in the sanctuary include Gaur, Sambar, Barking Deer, Wild Pigs, Mouse Deer, and Indian Wild Dog. Periyar functions as home to some rare species including Tiger, the Nilgiri Langur, Nilgiri Tahr, Common Langur, rare Lion-tailed Macaque,...

Kumily Kerala

October to June

Darrah National Park

The thickly forested Darrah Sanctuary is spread over a total area of 250 kilometres. The sanctuary once functioned as a royal hunting preserve of the erstwhile king of Kota. The Darrah Sanctuary, spread over a hilly terrain, was declared to be a protected area in 1955. One can choose to visit the sanctuary any time throughout the year except between July to September when the sanctuary remains closed.
This mysterious sanctuary houses a variety of animals including wolf, nilgai, cheetah, deer and wild boar. During the tour to the Darrah sanctuary, one can stay overnight at the in-house rest house.

50 kilometres off Kota

February to March

Gir National Park

Gir National Park in Gujarat state covers an area of 1412 square kilometre. It is a jewel of the ecological resources of Gujarat. The park was created in order to safe-guard and protect the population of Lions in Asia. The population of Loins fell to merely 20. Since then efforts were made to make up for this fall. The population of the Lions has now reached nearly 300.
The park originally functioned as a hunting ground for the Nawab of Junagadh. There are many water bodies in the park. Kamleshwar Dam that...

42 Kilometers from Junagadh in Gujarat

November and June

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Covering a total area of 578 kilometres of the desert landscape, the Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary in Rajasthan is unique in that it displays the activities of the wolf which is rarely found anywhere else. The sanctuary functions as a home to about 40 such wolves. The best time to visit the sanctuary is between October to June. But if you can bear the heat, come during the summer months. Because of the scarcity of water, it will be easier to spot the wolves nearby the water holes.
A wide variety of animals can be observed in the Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary.

Udaipur, Rajasthan

October to June

Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary, Udaipur

Amidst the forest of dry deciduous and bamboo vegetation, spreading over the foothills of the Aravalis lies the SitaMata Sanctuary. The SitaMata sanctuary is at a distance of 108 kilometres from Udaipur City. Apart from the diverse fauna that houses here, you can see a vast variety of flora too. Approximately half of the total flora present in park constitutes of teak trees. Besides these, other trees that dominate the landscape of this sanctuary include tendu, salar, bel and amla. The SitaMata Sanctuary provides rich pastures for a variety of deer including the...

Udaipur, Rajasthan

October to June

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Religion and tourism go simultaneously in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Mount Abu Sanctuary makes the only hill station in Rajasthan quite popular amongst the wildlife enthusiasts. The sanctuary has great potential for Eco-tourism. And the worldwide popular Jain Temples make it the favourite religious spot for the tourists.
The Mount Abu sanctuary is spread over a total area of 288 kilometres. In 1960, it was given the status of a wildlife sanctuary.The landscape of the sanctuary has a rich flora dominated by jasmine...

Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Throughout the year

Tal Chhaper Wildlife Sanctuary

Tal Chappar Sanctuary lies in the Churu district of Rajasthan. It is merely 80 kilometres away from Mandawa. Covering an area of 1,334 square kilometres, the sanctuary is popular because of its black-bucks. A unique ecosystem exists in this exotic park. Open grasslands covered with trees of Acacia ans Prosipis dot the landscape of the Tal Chappar Sanctuary. These trees lend a typical Savanna look to the sanctuary.
The sanctuary acts as a home to several migratory birds as well. The harriers are the most spectacular of all the migratory birds that come here in September.

Churu District, Rajasthan

September to March

Wildlife Resorts in India

The Pugmark Resort

The Pugmark Resort
Facility : Swimming Pool, Ayurvedic Massage Centre, Doctor-On-Call, Kids Zone...

Corbett Riverside Resort

Corbett Riverside Resort
Facility : Swimming Pool, Wildlife Safaris, Horse Riding and Indoor Sports

Jewel of the Jungle Resort

Jewel of the Jungle Resort
Facility : Doctor on Call, Herbal Massage, Laundry, Childcare, Yoga Sessions, Wheelchair

Tiger Den Resort

Tiger Den Resort Bandhavgarh
Facility : 24 hours power back up, jungle safaris and wildlife trekking

Tiger Corridor Kanha

Tiger Corridor Kanha
Facility : Swimming Pool, Pool Table, Conference, Telephone and Laundry

Udai Vilas Palace

Udai Vilas Palace
Facility : Swimming Pool, Doctor on Call, Laundry service, Cultural Evenings

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