Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park India Location: Ramnagar, Uttaranchal
Ideal Time to Visit: November 15 to June 15
What to See: Tigers, Leopards, and Crocodiles

Corbett National Park in Uttaranchal is amongst the oldest wildlife reserves in India. Diverse fauna including Tigers, Elephants, Leopards and the beautiful location of the park attract several visitors towards it. Situated in the Himalayan foothills, Corbett National Park was established in the year 1936. This national park came under Project Tiger in the year 1973. The vegetation supported by the park makes it an ideal residence for tigers.

The landscape of the park is covered by a thick cover of sal and mixed deciduous forests. Orchids, bamboo and tropical Creepers dot the hills of the park. The best way to explore the diversity of the park is through a ride on the back of an elephant. Animals that inhabit the park include tigers, sambar, deer, langur monkeys, wild boars, peacocks, spotted deer and wild elephants. The park is no less than a paradise for bird lovers with above 580 bird species residing here.

Entry Requirements

The entry permits for entering the Corbett National Park are available from the park administration in Ramnagar. You will have to pay your personal and vehicle entry fees at Dhangari gate before entering the main park area. The entry fee for foreign nationals is 350 Rupees for the first three days. Later, 75 rupees are charged for each visit to the park. Additional charges are levied for cameras, vehicles and safaris. 

Getting There

The nearest airport is at Phoolbagh in Pantnagar. This domestic airport is 50 kilometers off Corbett. The nearest railhead is at Ramnagar. This railhead is connected to other major cities of North India. You can also choose to reach the park through Moradabad. Buses to the Corbett National Park are available from Delhi, Lucknow and Ramnagar. Several Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses connect Delhi to Corbett National Park.

Don't Miss

While you are on your tour to the Corbett National Park, do visit the busy town of Ramnagar which is the main administration centre for the park. There is a fishing base camp in Ramnagar where you can catch hold of a fish. 15 kilometers along Kosi River, anglers try to trap the legendary freshwater fish, Mahseer. In case you wish to try your luck in fishing, obtain the permit from the administrative office in Ramnagar.

The best way to explore wildlife that hides deep in the jungles is an elephant safari. The entire venture can be quite magical. You will be able to discover the least explored aspects of the park. Encounters with Sambar, Chital and Tigers are common. During the daytime you will hardly come across the fauna inhabiting the park. The chances of catching a glimpse an animal is great after the sunset. Though you may not observe a tiger but you most certainly will be rewarded with fresh pug marks.

The most comfortable way to travel through the Corbett National Park is through a Jeep Safari. These vehicles can be rented.

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